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Today’s goal is to burn more calories

You’re putting on your workout clothes, preparing to get your sweaty on. Water bottle is filled up… playlist is ready to rock n’ roll… and hopefully you’ve got the perfect plan to lose the weight and hit your goals. Knowing the best workouts to achieve your goals is the difference between succeeding and going nowhere.

It’s like a fat loss GPS…

Guiding you quickly and safely through the mysterious metropolis of fat loss. The best route gets results quickly. The best route helps you avoid plateaus. It keeps you on track to your final destination… an ABSolutely Lean Bod!

So, are you burning the most fat each workout? Losing the weight? Hitting your goals? Or just spinning your wheels? Here’s a better question…

What’s the Best Way to Burn More Calories and Fat?

Take your pick from the treadmill, stationary bike, the elliptical or stair climbers. Then get your cardio on for 60 minutes! Guess what? That’s the best way to burn the least amount of calories and fat in the longest, most boring workout possible. At least all those TVs are clustered around the cardio machines so you’re distracted from realizing how slow and painful your fat loss road is… before you hit the dreaded plateau…

I guess I need to do more cardio… Right?

Some enjoy running, swimming or cycling forever… More power to you if that puts a smile on your face. Not me though. And I don’t have the 6 to 10 hours a week to make this type of training remotely effective. While traditional cardio does burn some fat, it is the slowest possible way to burn it. What’s worse? Most recreational endurance athletes are skinny fat (that’s looking skinny with clothes on, but when you take them off, it’s saggy and soft everywhere!). One of the big problems with traditional cardio is that you stop burning fat as soon as you stop exercising, whereas resistance training and high intensity intervals can continue burning calories for up to 36 hours! That’s serious fat loss leverage right there! And how you… avoid becoming a victim of skinny fat syndrome.

There are multiple reasons why resistance and high intensity training are so much more powerful for fat loss than cardio. One is building lean muscle… which is exactly how to devour fat for breakfast. But there’s also this cool thing called EPOC. It stands for… Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption, the increased oxygen needed and consumed by your body following resistance or high intensity exercise. This is needed for various reasons to bring your body back to homeostasis, including:

  • Metabolizing or recycling lactic acid buildup (That’s the burn feeling)
  • Cellular and muscle repair
  • And of course, hormone balance… We’re about those hormones baby!
  • Not to mention the awesome increases in your metabolism, or basic metabolic rate (BMR)

Don’t worry… I’ll tell you how to naturally increase your metabolism very soon, but today I just wanted to share those quick, golden nuggets about EPOC, and resistance or high intensity training.

Let’s Recap

With one 60 minute workout, you can burn calories and fat for 1 hour…

Or with one 5 minute workout, you can burn way more fat and calories for 1.5 days…

The choice is yours…

Cardio?? Or resistance and high intensity training?

So the next time you’re feeling that burn building and building in your legs or your arms, and you don’t think you can push any harder, remember the work you’re doing right now will pay fat loss dividends for the next 36 hours! If you want a fat loss GPS that will bring you directly to your ultimate destination…

Check out ABSolutely Lean System Fitness

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