Tanner Gers’ Absolutely Lean System

photo of Tanner GersABSolutelyLean.com and the Absolutely Lean System were created by Tanner Gers. Tanner is a professional athlete, author, consultant, speaker, certified personal trainer and a fitness nutrition specialist with a focus on hormones and body composition. ABSolutely Lean’s mission is to enable all women and men to achieve their goals in health, body composition and athletic performance.

In 2010, Tanner started training and coaching developmental athletes in various sports, including volleyball, baseball, football and cross country. After having the honor and the privilege to represent the United States at the 2012 Games in London, Tanner’s focus on optimal athletic performance began to shift toward optimal health.

While having tremendous success with his 1-on-1 clients, Tanner felt he could do more with his story and began his public speaking career. Quickly becoming an accomplished speaker, Tanner delivers keynotes for schools, colleges, non-profits, and corporate events across the country in addition to presentations on exercise, nutrition, and health.

Motivated to help individuals worldwide, Tanner launched www.ABSolutelyLean.com published two books, “Becoming ABSolutely Lean: The First Steps to Optimal Health, Hormones and Achieving a Lean Body,” and “ABSolutely Lean Fast Food: The Fat Loss Guide in a Fast Food Life” and released his bodyweight fitness program, ABSolutely Lean System Fitness.

Tanner has also launched the membership website, www.TheAthleteSummit.com for sports coaches, strength and physical preparation coaches, athletic development specialists, competitive athletes and trainers by interviewing the greatest coaches today in the sports performance industry. From speed development to nutrition, mental toughness to strength training, Tanner and his elite level guests pull back the curtain on their programs to deliver members the highest value and content on what’s working right now in high school, college, professional, Olympic, and elite athletic development programs. Well over 2 dozen coaches are already in The Athlete Summit library with more and more interviews added on a regular basis. If you’re a sports coach, gym owner, high school coach, athletic development specialist, or a weekend warrior, this is an amazing resource to tap into at an incredibly low price. You won’t find any 1 resource providing as much value or content for such an affordable price.

Today, Tanner still consults, trains and designs customized programs for women, men and youth in health, body composition, fitness and athletic performance through www.ABSolutelyLean.com. To ensure that you don’t miss any free content that will help you achieve your goals, upcoming product launches and everything ABSolutely Lean, make sure to sign-up, create your free account and download Tanner’s e-book, Becoming ABSolutely Lean. This book is sold on Google Play and Amazon, but you can use this resource and start making progress toward your weight loss goals right now for free just by registering! This is just another way Tanner goes out of his way to help everyone achieve optimal health and their fat loss goals.

After Tanner became visually impaired as a result of a horrible auto accident at age 21, he was determined to not be defined by his disability or let that prevent him from living his dreams. Tanner is an individual that embodies the idea that anyone can do anything they set their mind to and does this every day by helping others achieve their full potential. If you’re ready to improve your health, optimize your hormones, achieve that body you’ve always wanted or perform at your highest athletic potential, then it is time for you to start working with Tanner and witness what you’re truly capable of achieving. Tanner did it, his clients have done it and now it’s your turn. Invest in yourself and get what you deserve today!