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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope… It’s a kettlebell… And I love these things… They’re made of iron, but they’ll turn you into the man or woman of steel! Kettlebells are tied for 1st regarding my favorite pieces of body sculpting, home gym weight loss gold. They melt body fat away like a George Foreman® grill, build lean muscle, and develop a robust cardiovascular system! In case you’re wondering, resistance bands are the other 1st place tool.

Some individuals don’t like eating the same thing everyday, and I understand. Personally, I would be happy eating just a few things for the rest of my life. But widdling it down to 1? That’s asking a lot! In the fat loss world, my body is meal #1, kettlebells are meal #2, resistance bands are #3, and I’ve even made a 4th fat loss concoction using both kettlebells and bands! Mmmm, Delicious…

Sporting a sexy lean body is delicious, and let’s show you one of my favorite ways to get it with kettlebells. You’ve probably seen them around the commercial gyms in the past 10 years, or on YouTube. But they’re a single piece of iron that looks like a cannon ball with a handle attached. They come in various weights, from about 20lbs to over 100lbs. I own 35lb, 53lb, and 70lb kettlebells (16, 24, and 32 kilos).

Let’s get to the body fat melting goodness, shall we?

I’m using an interval app on my phone to keep me honest, and I highly suggest you do the same in every interval workout you do. Interval apps like this are the best way to make sure you’re making gains, staying on track through your workout, and burning the most fat possible in the least amount of time. Your job is to go hard! Let your interval app watch the clock and tell you when to stop. I’ll be sharing more fat loss routines using kettlebells and resistance bands in the future.

If you’re wondering, the kettlebell I’m using in this video, and the only kettlebells I own, are very high quality, Russian Kettlebells. You can pick them up here. Google search to find cheaper kettlebells than the ones I use, but you get what you pay for. I only recommend the products I personally use and love… and I love these kettlebells.

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