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In my previous post on the benefits of whey protein

I shared with you all the health and weight loss benefits you can easily get just by supplementing with whey protein on a regular basis…

Whey protein does awesome things like…

  • Helps you feel fuller longer…
  • Helps you lose weight without doing anything else…
  • Helps you controll blood sugar…
  • And improves your overall health…

If you want the background on whey protein shakes and why you should be supplementing with whey protein

You can check that out right here

Now, let’s get to the…

Best Ways to Put Whey to Work

Whey protein definitely has it’s time and place to shine. Regardless of what you’ve heard or when you’re working out, the best time to supplement with whey protein is going to be in the afternoon. 2PM or later

It’s also an amazing afternoon snack or pre-dinner supplement. As we’ve already discussed, it supports overall health, longevity, and lean body mass…

But it also makes you feel full!

This makes whey protein a beautiful tool for anyone who has problems with portion control

And god knows I have that problem!

If you’re working out in the morning because it’s the only time you have to exercise, I understand. Time’s a bitch. It’s our most valuable resource and yet we feel like we never have enough of it.

The best time to use whey protein as your post workout shake will still be in the afternoon. Forget what your nephew or any other gym rat says about when to drink your post workout whey protein. Drink it 60 to 75 minutes after exercise. That’s the best for fat and weight loss.

ABSolutely Lean Tip:

If you’ve got them available, take digestive enzymes along with your post workout whey protein shake

They will help you better absorb and assimilate all the whey protein goodness into your body!

When Shouldn’t You Drink Whey Protein?

Don’t consume whey protein in the 1st half of your day.

This will make sure you stay in fat-burning Ferrari mode. Remember, 2PM or later…

Best uses for whey protein in the afternoon include…

  • As a weight loss supporting and hangery suppressing snack
  • An Afternoon or evening post workout shake
  • Ninja portion control before dinner

Think an AM Whey Protein Shake Would Save Time & Help With Hunger?

Yep, it would do that, but you’re shooting yourself in your fat foot!

I’m a big believer in real, whole foods, but what if you’re always rushing out the door in the morning? Make your health and fat loss goals a priority!

I know what you’re thinking. I have a long day at work, a long time till lunch, an even longer time ‘til dinner. Let’s not forget shuttling kids to their activities, the grocery store, errands, and the dreaded post office lines!

And you definitely don’t want to run on fumes and get hangry (that hungry anger) at work, with your spouse, or kids.

I hear that… I feel your pain, so…

If you need help stepping your game up, I’ll teach you how to save time, get it all done, and get it tasting great…

Check out the personalized packages right here

For Now, What’s My Other Option?

You’re looking for the other protein found in milk… casein

Why not just take whey both in the morning and afternoon?

Because it throws your hormones out-of-whack and your fat-burning Ferrari immediately runs out of gas! Damn! And there’s no tow truck for that…

Here’s the prob

Whey is insulinotropic or insulinogenic, meaning it stimulates the production of insulin.

Because whey is water soluble, it gets absorbed very rapidly by our digestive system. Hello insulin! How are you?

Helpful for diabetics and post workout, but not in the morning when we’re sensitive to insulin production.

On the other hand, casein is fat soluble, and digested much slower…

Whey concentrate is completely absorbed by the body in about 90 minutes, and whey isolates are even faster, but intact casein can take 6 to 7 hours.

The result? A significantly lower blood sugar and insulin response.

And you feel fuller, longer! Time isn’t such a bitch any more…

Take-home message…

Casein in the morning… Whey in the afternoon… Fat Loss All Day!

Like I said, eat real, whole foods when possible, but If you can’t, that’s your fat loss protocol…

True Nutrition

It’s incredibly difficult to find high-quality supplements locally because, like most things of higher quality, there more expensive.

When an average person looks at 2 protein powders on a shelf, 1 at $29 and the other $69…

They’re picking the $29 protein! And I don’t blame them… Wal-Mart built a global empire on their bargain basement pricing model…

Anything and everything I recommend on are only products I’ve purchased and personally use…

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