I Don’t Like Taking Prescription Medications

At a deep, core level, I’m opposed to dumping chemicals in my body.

When I was recovering from my auto accident in 2004, the accident that left me totally blind, which resulted in around 40 surgeries, 4 of those being brain surgeries, and a ridiculous amount of medications…

I learned something.

I learned sometimes that a shit ton of medications just doesn’t work.

It makes me think of chemotherapy

It makes me think of the flu vaccine

It makes me think of the infection I had on my brain, the infection that was killing me…

The infection that couldn’t be beaten with anything my doctors would throw at it.

Finally, I told them that this craziness had to stop. I was taking matters into my own hands.

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Science & Medicine and Health

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Recently Though, I Was Having a Hard Time Sleeping

…And I wasn’t sure why. So I went in for a sleep study.

When the results came back, I was a little surprised.

I wasn’t being woken up from snoring…

I wasn’t waking myself up from restless legs or erratic movements …

But, I was waking up many, many times throughout the night…

Preventing me from getting a deep, healthy, regenerative night’s sleep.

During the 6 hour sleep study, I actually had a “sleep disturbance” 112 times!


The doctors were perplexed, but determined to throw something against the wall to see if it’ll stick.

Basically, they had no fu&*%ng clue what was going on…

Not to worry though…

We’ve Got a Pill That Will Fix Your Problem

They hypothesized I wasn’t getting into a healthy, deep REM sleep because my circadian rhythms were all out of whack.

REM stands for rapid eye movement

It’s the deepest level of sleep, and we cycle in and out of REM each night.

When the doctor told me about the pill, even though I had absolutely 0 interest in popping any medication…

I politely inquired,

“So, tell me about this medication.”

The Plot Thickens…

Through my questioning, I found out something interesting…

The doctor’s office I was at also doubles as a clinical trials testing facility!

And guess what…

They also performed the actual trial for the prescription they were suggesting!!!

First, huge, red flag…

“What will this pill do for me?”

It will enable you to fall asleep deeply, and wake up feeling rested.”

Second red flag…

Really… “What are the known side-effects?”

“And how long has this drug been studied again?”

“We first started trialing 2 years ago.”

Third red flag…

Hmmm… What was I to do?

Leave without that prescription.

I definitely don’t want those “common side-effects,”

And who knows the true risks of the long-term effects?

Definitely not that clinic… Or those doctors.

Big Pharma? Nope, just big profits.

Like Before, I Took Matters into My Own Hands

It began with evaluating my bedroom…

Which made me reflect on the room the sleep study was held…

That’s where I “slept” for 6 hours in the hospital.

And then I realized their common characteristics.

Both rooms are littered with all kinds of noises.

Could my sleep disturbances be from noise?

My bedroom has a big sliding glass door, so…

Could it be the occasional dog bark? A car driving by? A car door closing?

The early chirping birds getting the worms?

In the sleep study room, there was also a ton of noises.

Most annoyingly was the machine next to my head that was monitoring everything…

From my breath, to brain waves, to limb movements, and so on…

What if all the random noises were the culprits?

The Inspiration Behind My Own Little Sleep Study

I created a hypothesis and I tested it…

I figured my sensitive hearing picks up noises that most people aren’t bothered by…

And it’s slightly waking me up.

That would make sense at home, and would make even more sense about all the fu&*%ing noises during that god awful sleep study.

It’s funny because there wasn’t much sleeping going on…

That’s the hypothesis, but now it’s time to test it.

So, I bought some ear plugs.

The Scientific Method at it’s finest!

I haven’t slept better since buying my ear plugs.

I wake up rested, ready for the day, and I’m not bathing myself in sedatives.

At 33, if I needed a medication to do that?

We’ve got bigger problems.

And they all point back to lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness.

“Needing” a prescription to get through the day, or a night’s sleep…

That’s not healthy, supporting natural hormone production, and it’s damn sure not living.

Often individuals take prescriptions that manipulate natural physiological functions.

They’re putting a crappy Band-Aid on a problem, and not addressing the issue at hand.

A crappy Band-Aid sold to doctors by Big Pharma…

And pushed down to you in adult Pez containers.

The Most Common Medications

For women it’s thyroid medications

Men, it’s cholesterol meds

In both sexes, it’s high blood pressure meds

The sad thing is this…

All of the above underlying problems are fixable.

Maybe not as easy or instant as throwing in some ear plugs, but it can be done.

Cough, cough, lifestyle, cough, nutrition, and fitness, cough cough.

The testimonies speak for themselves.

If you, or someone you know, wants to come off an abundance of prescription medications

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