If you’ve been following me for a little while now, then you might be aware of my love for podcasting.

I really love writing and appreciate my growth as a writer, but I also have the gift of gab.

Yes, I like to communicate! 😉

I polled AL Nation last year on whether or not a podcast is something you’re interested in consuming on a regular basis…

Survey Says…

It was mixed…

While it wasn’t clear that everyone wanted to have me in their ear balls yammering about ABSolutely Lean, 1 thing is completely clear.

People are lovin’ the podcast content I’ve been producing…

And that content has been delivered in a couple different ways

By now, you should know that I’m super into sports performance and helping athletes achieve greatness in sport, and in life.

That’s the mission behind another website I run, TheAthleteSummit.com

It exclusively features audio interviews where I talk with juggernauts in the sports performance world to pull back the curtain on what works, what doesn’t, and all for the purpose of maximizing athletic development.

While it is exclusively audio only content right now, I’m launching a blog there soon

(See! I still like to write)

I’ve also been on some really awesome podcasts as an interviewee, and producers of each show tell me that my episodes are some of the most downloaded episodes they’ve ever had!

They could be stroking my ego a bit there, but I’ll take it!

Some of these include Super Human Entrepreneur, Unstoppable Success Radio, and Wellness Force Radio…

With podcasts soon being integrated into new cars, trucks, and SUVs rolling off car lots

(Like satellite radio was just over a decade ago)

Satellite radio never really resonated with me, but that isn’t the case for podcasts. I love them…

And, there’s a couple reasons why I believe podcasting will outperform satellite radio…

First, it’s very, very customized to the end user… That’s US!

If you want to listen to a show on fitness, nutrition, or meditation, you can.

If you want to listen to shows on politics, business, psychology, history, comedy, or entertainment, you can do that as well.

Podcasts are awesome mediums for entertainment or learning while working out, cleaning house, or some other weekly/daily task.

Plus, advertising is minimal, if any ads are present at all.

Without the pressures of big advertisers, or networks controlling the content that’s being produced, publishers are free to create whatever content they want…

Ultimately, this makes us connecting with the producers of any show more personal and intimate

Which is why I resonate with podcasting much more than I do with regular FM or satellite radio.

The driving force behind ABSolutelyLean.com


And my public speaking and coaching

Is my purpose, my why, Is to help others.

I’m driven to help others create success in their lives, regardless of circumstance.

That’s also the driving force, and purpose, of my 1st podcast, Creative Success

Here’s the Creative Success show description. If it resonates with you, take a couple minutes to give the podcast a shot…

Everybody poops. Creative Success isn’t about intestinal regularity, but regularly showing you that you’re no different from every successful person who’s achieved personal, professional, or athletic greatness. With the right mindset, perspective, practices, and daily habits, you too will achieve more, be more, and create more in your life. Sure, life is gonna poop from time to time… But subscribing and listening to this show will make your life stink a whole lot less.

You can start with my 12 minute introduction episode, where I introduce myself and outline where the show is headed…

Take a listen right now!

You can also find the podcast on iTunes

On Sticher

And at our show’s home base, CreativeSuccessShow.com

The 10 most recent episodes are featured right there on the homepage. Just click the title for each show, and start listening!

Who do you know that might resonate with the Creative Success podcast?

Do them a favor and share this post!

The buttons are right there…

Let them thank you later, but I’ll thank you right now 🙂

Thanks AL Nation

Your Partner in Creative Success,



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