ABSolutely Lean Fast Food

The Fat Loss Guide for a Fast Food Life

I eat fast food… Who doesn’t?

Even as health conscious and oriented I am, life happens, and I’m vulnerable to convenience just like anyone else. Until there are 28 hours in a day, many of us will find ourselves eating more fast food than we’d like.

With your busy schedule, it seems impossible to get more than two home cooked meals in a week or sit down at the dinner table.

Between work, children’s school, sports games, other activities, and everything else that goes on in your life, thank goodness there’s something quick to grab on the go.

You just don’t want that quick bite to go to your buns, arms, legs or belly!

What makes ABSolutely Lean Fast Food a must have book is that it’s not just a guide for what to eat at a fast food restaurant to achieve a leaner body. It’s loaded with fat loss knowledge, tips, strategies, and guidance that will help you make better decisions about food for the rest of your life. Understanding how food affects you will enable you to know what foods and when to eat them to sculpt your body into the physique you deserve, without restricting calories or eating a bunch of small meals throughout the day.

In addition to learning which menu items from 15 of the largest fast food chains in the United States are on the ABSolutely Lean Fast Food menu, you’ll learn:


Why counting calories is so 1980’s fat loss…


How to develop your fat burning hormonal hurricane!


How to store excess energy in your muscle cells instead of your fat cells…


Why we store fat, why we can do it so well, and why we can store sooooo much of it!


The Golden Key to achieving and maintaining the body composition you want…


And so much more!

You can’t outwork a bad diet, but you can outsmart gaining fat with

ABSolutely Lean Fast Food!

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Chapter Overview

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Nutrition Basics
  • Chapter 2: Arby’s
  • Chapter 3: Burger King
  • Chapter 4: Carl’s Jr.
  • Chapter 5: Chick-fil-A
  • Chapter 6: Chipotle Mexican Grill.
  • Chapter 7: Jack in the Box
  • Chapter 8: Jimmy John’s
  • Chapter 9: KFC
  • Chapter 10: McDonald’s
  • Chapter 11: Panda Express
  • Chapter 12: Sonic Drive-In
  • Chapter 13: Starbucks
  • Chapter 14: Subway
  • Chapter 15: Taco Bell
  • Chapter 16: Wendy’s
  • Chapter 17: Additional Resources

The obesity epidemic in the Western world is a result of all the nutritional misinformation that we’ve been fed our entire lives. At first, it was hard for me to wrangle with the idea that everything I’ve been taught and believed was so wrong, but, thankfully, I wasn’t too closed-minded to make some changes. Don’t believe it? Then take the 30-Day ABSolutely Lean Fast Food Challenge. If you’re eating fast food 5, 6, or 7 days a week, by exclusively sticking to the ABSolutely Lean Fast Food menu, without making any other changes, you will start losing weight, burning unwanted body fat, and ABSolutely get leaner. I guarantee it! I did it, my clients have done it, and now it’s your turn.

If you’re ready to stop the insanity, drop the fast food guilt, and begin making progress toward achieving the body you want, that body you deserve, then pick up your copy of ABSolutely Lean Fast Food right now! What makes this book so functional and these results so possible is that you can take it everywhere with you! That’s right, because it is an e-book, you can have complete access to the book wherever you are. On your phone or on your tablet, ABSolutely Lean Fast Food is as mobile as you are! There’s no need to memorize menus or trying to remember what you should or shouldn’t order. Simply open up the book, scroll to the restaurant you want to order from and everything is laid out for you to make a delicious decision that will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted.

The only thing I ask is that when everyone wants to know how you got that body, how you lost all the weight…

Send them here to get a copy of ABSolutely Lean Fast Food!