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If you’ve been walking around the grocery store this time of year…

You’ve definitely seen all the Halloween pumpkins, candy corn, and cob webs…

But now we’re full-fledged holiday season, with Thanksgiving next week, and the familiar Salvation Army bells the week thereafter.

I’m no Scrooge or anything…

I just know what to expect. And you can bet your bottom dollar I’m a giver!

The only way I can think of for how grocery stores can make room for all that pumpkin pie, eggnog, and turkey is by putting that candy corn somewhere…

Maybe some special burial grounds in New Mexico?

Or it’s recycled into cat litter…

And maybe that’s why dogs can’t stop eating cat shit covered in cat litter?

Either way…

There’s an incredible amount of Food through the Holidays.

Turducken, ham, fried turkey, brown and white gravy, dinner rolls, eggnog, pumpkin and pecan pie, cheesy and sweet potatoes, adult beverages, and if you are at my mom’s house, the irresistible Cajun bread and Oreo Pie!.

Let’s not forget about the millions of leftover turkey and ham sandwiches headed to work.

Social Situations Are the Toughest When It Comes to Sticking to Your Diet

And the holiday season is the worst for sure!

No one wants to be the outcast Health Grinch standing, sitting, and eating alone…

And Grandma Ethel doesn’t know or care what gluten is.

So you’re getting no love from her either…

Gaining weight is traditionally standard for the holiday season, but I’m hooking you up with the game plan to reduce, and possibly eliminate all the typical collateral holiday damage.

Because failing to plan is planning to fail.

The first thing we need is preparation

1) Increase Your Metabolic Rate… a.k.a. Your Metabolism!

Your basic metabolic rate, or BMR, is the number of calories your body normally burns every day to perform basic functions.

Things like breathing, digestion, and keeping your heart beating.

You want to do this because…

Increasing your metabolism or BMR around the holidays means your burning more calories and minimizing any fat or weight gain.

Any thoughts on how to increase your metabolism?

If you said exercise, you’re today’s winner!

Regardless of Grandma Ethel’s new opinion on you and gluten…

I love you!

Exercise is a big key to increasing your basic metabolic rate because…

Muscle is the most metabolically demanding tissue in the body.

It takes a lot of calories and energy to sustain those lean muscles!

And that means… A little more muscle = a lot more metabolism

ABSolutely Lean Tip:

There’s plenty of time to build lean muscle and burn more fat between now and New Year’s…

So get to work with ABSolutely Lean System Fitness!

What about that bet though?

2) Ahhh Yes, Gambling With Your Kids

The next one is to challenge your kids with a friendly bet.

On the ride over to Grandma Ethel’s house, drop this on your kids…

“I bet you can’t do as many pushups or squats as I can in 1 minute.”

This is a 2 birds 1stone strategy. First is getting you and your kids active together…

Second, you’re causing a physical reaction in both of your bodies, preventing fat gain from all that food you’re about to eat, and best of all…

You’ve got a convenient alibi if you end up sweating a little heavier than you expected

So don’t hold back on your effort! You want to win this bet…

“I’m showing them I’m tougher than I look.”

3) Time to Eat!

This final tip is similar to the first point… Preparation

When it’s about that time to sit down and get your grub on…

There are 2 quick & dirty strategies that will minimize all the holiday overeating and calories.

1) Use a Protein Shake

As discussed previously, whey protein shakes help you get full quicker and feel fuller longer

All you need to do is prepare your protein shake at home and bring it with you…

This way you can easily grab it and put it to use when Grandma Ethel rings the dinner bell…

2) Eat a Big Salad First

Be careful about the salad dressing though

The wrong dressing can turn these good intentions into better love handles!

That’s why I do 1 of 2 things…

I either skip on the salad dressing all together…

Or I bring my own!

If you’re a salad lover and don’t want salads to take your sexy back…

You’ll want to read this post… ABSolutely Lean Salad Dressing

And if you’re not cooking this fantastic feast yourself, it would be a good idea to make a phone call to see if salad will be available.

This also gives you the opportunity to offer to bring the salad in the case they weren’t planning on making salad.

It’s the season for giving, right? So offer to bring those greens.

Is Losing Weight on Your New Year’s Resolution List?

Then use these 3 ways to stay lean through the holidays! And the leftovers…

But why not get a head start on your health right now?

I can’t think of a better reason for starting an exercise program right now than minimizing or completely eliminating the typical holiday weight gain.

In just 5 minutes a day, 4 days a week…

You can have an ABSolutely Lean Figure

And stay lean through the holidays!

How many coworkers come in with leftover ham and turkey sandwiches?

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Your Partner in Minimizing Holiday Weight Gain,


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