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If you’ve ever thought…

I want to get rid of this stubborn body fat…

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If you’ve ever thought…

I want to look leaner…

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After reading ABSolutely Lean Fast Food, I don’t feel guilty about picking up fast food because now I understand which foods support my continued weight-loss. This is the first time in my life that I have lost weight on my own and I feel like a new person. Even though I have a ways to go, I feel good about myself, I’m more committed than ever and I know I’m going to achieve my long-term weight loss goals.

Jennifer Jackson

With Tanner’s e-book ABSolutely Lean Fast Food on my phone, I can safely enjoy eating at almost any fast food restaurant and still stay true to my low-carbohydrate nutrition plan. Tanner’s well-researched guidance is easy to understand and put into practice, even for busy travelers and those who have to depend upon fast food during busy work days.

Christal M. Albrecht

If you’ve ever thought…

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Tanner has the innate ability to communicate in a simple, direct, concise manner and doesn’t have to yell at you to motivate you or pump you up. His charisma and will to help will make you feel comfortable and ready to take on the challenges of the work out, but his knowledge and passion set him apart from others. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or a hardcore person when it comes to fitness, I know that you will find ABSolutely Lean System Fitness a good fit in your fat loss regiment.

Carlos Guzman

I first began working with Tanner because I needed to make the most of the time I have for exercise, which wasn’t much. The ABSolutely Lean System Fitness program got me active again, the results were great and the workouts easily fit into my busy schedule.  Tanner’s nutrition plan was also phenomenal. I spent two years losing 60 pounds, and within months, I’d almost gained it all back.  I was desperate. I have never been able to lose weight without help, like a red pill, shot or retail food plan, but with the ABSolutely Lean fitness and nutrition plan, I lost 12 pounds in one month!  I was not hungry, I had no cravings and I was happy.  It was easy. Thanks Tanner, for changing my life!

Elise Mouton

If you've tried all the diets, programs, exercise equipment, and advice from other "experts" to achieve the physique you’ve always wanted, without any real, long-term success…

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Tanner guided me through a nutrition and exercise program that was easy to follow, designed specifically to fit my needs, lifestyle and personal preferences. He also eased me into a diet that, although went against everything I had been taught regarding fat and carbohydrate intake, showed amazing results. His encouragement, patience and knowledgeable guidance were invaluable, especially at a time in my life when I felt so lost and out-of-control. In less than two months, I lost 100% of the weight I had gained and I continue to follow his nutrition and exercise plan today. Thank you, Tanner, for your amazing guidance and support over the past four months. I cannot thank you enough.

Ana Jiménez

There are many fitness coaches and then there is Tanner.  In my opinion, he is in a category by himself.  I hired him for nutrition consultation services and he was always readily available for questions about what to eat, WHY or about any changes I was making. He is dedicated, authentic and TRULY the real deal. Tanner educated me about nutrition in a way that my physician wasn’t  and I learned more in a few meetings with Tanner than I have in many years. Tanner, Thank you for believing in me, wanting me to succeed and being such an uplifting spirit in my life.

Holly Smith

Here's the deal…

I believe that anyone can achieve the body they want when they believe they can achieve it, but you need to know how your body responds to certain stimuli, specifically nutrition and exercise, in order to really make this happen.

How can you learn all this stuff while working full-time, raising your family, and everything else you have to do? Instead of spending hours researching scholarly journals, reading piles of text books or wasting your time with generic diets and exercise programs…

You can get started right now!

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While speaking with Tanner, he mentioned that drinking diet soda is one of the worst things you can do to your health, especially if you are drinking a lot of it. I asked why, because I drank diet soda all the time, and, he explained that my body processes artificial sweeteners just like regular sugar, throwing off my hormones, spiking my blood sugar, and contributing to fat gain. I mentioned it to my doctor and he agreed with everything Tanner told me, so I started slowly cutting diet soda out. After cutting it out completely, I’ve slimmed down, my energy levels stay high throughout the day, I feel better, my sense of taste has improved, and all from just eliminating soda.

Jamie Sawka

Working with Tanner has been amazing. Even as a fitness trainer myself, I am learning new information each day. He gets so in depth in his work, it is all backed by research and he makes it all simple enough for anyone to understand. Tanner is now my contest preparation coach for my first Physique competition and I wouldn’t rather be working with anyone else!

Stanley Ivy

I am that woman who starts exercising or dieting, and as soon as 1- 2- 3, fade from my plans of getting back into shape. I am proud to announce that the ABSolutely lean System has been working for me. The meals are easy, fast, not to mention delicious, the exercises I enjoy and I see how they are quickly shaping my body.

R. J. Cirerol

Tanner, I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for your nutritional support. When I had any doubts or questions, you were always just a call or text away. I put my trust in you, the science and it really works. Thank you very much for everything.

Barry Adoram

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